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Adding Value To Your Consumers

Marketing should not be about ‘Buy my product, I make the best one.’
It should be about ‘How can I help you take the best decision and add value.’
Whatever business you may be in, you can increase the value to your clientele. Do think from the customer’s perspective.
The different marketing tools and formats are just the carriers of your message.
If your marketing tools are 360 degrees complete with all the Ads, Videos, PR, blogs, mailers, newsletters and case studies in place; and yet you are unable to engage your TG, then you are eating an ice cream cone without the ice cream in it!
The structure is there; the substance is not. There is no flavor!
It is infinitely more important to understand and formulate what message you need to showcase before your audience. Distribution is secondary.
To create and sustain high engagement, you need to connect emotionally with your TG and convey a message that touches a chord or answers an unmet need imaginatively. Look at the big picture your industry brings onboard.
Disengage from the non-value add approach. Engage with adding value. Today.

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