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Many millennials exclaim that newsletters are old school.Well, it will do us good to remember that not everything old is passé. Newsletters, if done well, in print or digital format, tell your story the way you want to.
Surprisingly even political parties have started dispatching monthly newsletters of their achievements considering that public memory of ‘gain’ is shorter than any ‘pain’ they feel! Why should you send newsletters in the age of LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter?
Two reasons.

One is when you post on social media, only your followers or people who are your contacts or have liked your page can see your post. Most posts get lost because social media platforms have tweaked the news feed criteria to encourage sponsored content.
They have to earn a living too! So you are reaching out to a limited number of people organically with your social media. And even when you are reaching the intended audience, your post has a maximum 1- 2 hours life on the news feed considering the speed at which the updat
es happen.
The second reason is when you email a newsletter to your captive database; it appears in their inbox. The recipients could, of course, choose to delete it, but even then they at least read the subject line.
Existing customers choose to at least glance through your mail to check what you have been upto? This helps you cross-sell many services.
A newsletter is like a monthly or quarterly report which helps you keep track of your achievements. In fact, many clients dig up monthly newsletters when the audit time comes or to compile Annual Reports when they need to consolidate their achievements at one go!
One of the most heartening feedback we received for a newsletter was when the marketing head of an auto components manufacturer told us that they had achieved a breakthrough with a client who had earlier never given them the ‘time of the day’ for sales calls.
This potential client had seen one of the company’s newsletters and enquired about an upcoming innovation being undertaken by the R&D department. That incident re-affirmed our faith in this humble news carrier. We hope that you get similar breakthroughs with this initiative

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