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Countinous Enagagement

Marketing at its core is all about building a community through sustained engagement.
The big question that all of us need to ask ourselves is, “Are we doing enough to engage with our Target Audience?” 
Do a snap profiling of your Target Audience and ask;
“Do enough of these people know me?” 
“What can I do to keep myself in their mental space?” 
“How often should I get in front of them?” 
“If I do nothing, will they still recognize my company name or me?” 
“How can I get their mindshare without spamming them or being intrusive?” 
“Am I engaging with them enough?” 
“Do I come across as a knowledgeable entity to them?” 
“How can I not hard-sell?” 
“Can I add value to their lives, processes, and their world in any manner?”

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