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Going the ‘Big Apple’ Way

Some of you who may have driven down the National Highway from Delhi to Gurgaon (or back) might have seen the new Videocon outdoor ads on its buildings in DLF or even at Videocon Tower at Jhandewalan (New Delhi, India).

Some years back, even the Times of India building in Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg attempted to look colorful during the ‘Holi’ season, with lifesize paintings.

This might look like a new trend but is infact a huge revenue generator for governments abroad.

Those who have visted New York would know how ‘Times Square’ is nothing but made up of giant outdoor billboards lit up morning and night. A huge waste of electrical energy and consuming carbon credits…but generating revenues for the NYC government nonetheless. 

The ‘One Times Square Tower’ from where the Big Apple ball drops, has live screen cutouts on it, peddled by PR firms for renting out to companies looking for their news tickers being covered in the ‘Times Square’ !!

Times Square is a prime example of premium outdoor advertising. India, however, can do without it. Our apathy towards billboards is well known. Even the courts have passed many strictures against billboards dotting the cityscape, in the past.

What I am striving towards, however, is  the fact that state governments can easily rent out city buses for lifesize outdoor ads painted on them. This gives great mileage to companies, is a moving ad space and can target various city audiences through the month, beautify the buses and earn huge amounts for the state government. Overall a win, win situation. 

Singapore does it, NYC does it and so do a lot of other countries and cities abroad. 

What stops our country from following course?

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