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Tips For the LinkedIn Leads Generation Ads : LinkedIn Growth Engine 2019

Is LinkedIn just for job hunting or can we use it for branding as well?

Four out of ten leaders I met last month dismissed LinkedIn as a job hunter website which surprised me, to say the least. Being a digital marketer with a strategic orientation, I find it startling when people say this.

LINKEDIN Growth Engine 2019


LinkedIn Growth Engine 2019 


LinkedIn is today the most successful portal where you have a captive database of professionals you can reach out to. Employees are not only hunting for jobs there but also making a professional brand for themselves.

  • Social marketers on LinkedIn brand their companies through sharing efforts, achievements, awards which establishes them in front of potential clients and employees.
  • Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn showcase their efforts to get in front of angel investors and VCs.
  • NGOs illustrate their work on LinkedIn to get on board the CSR requirements of corporates.
  • Media and publishing houses share knowledge resources on LinkedIn to brand themselves as serious reckoners in their industry.
  • Events and exhibition organizers market their events to companies through LinkedIn.
  • Universities and Institutions use LinkedIn for a showcase of excellence, both for students, alumni and for faculty.
  • LinkedIn is as much a hunting ground for VCs as it is for HR managers.


Is it effective to advertise on LinkedIn?


Linkedin New Feature



It does make a lot of sense for companies to advertise on LinkedIn for their products and services.


LinkedIn lead generation leveraging the world’s largest professional network and accessing data for which LinkedIn has over half a billion users, is a marketer’s dream. LinkedIn lead generation forms have specific target criteria like designations, demographics, education, and skillsets, etc. This helps to narrow down your target client base.


linkedinleads Ads


LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads | How to create ads effectively on  linked in :


Here are the elements that matter :

  • You can choose the format to include either image, carousel images, video, or message ads. You should keep the lead forms short to increase the likelihood of conversion.
  • Website Demographics is a new LinkedIn feature in which your company page can get information on the types of users visiting your website. The professional demographics is a boon to any social media marketer and is extremely useful information.
  • You need to set up your insight tag through the campaign manager to access the website demographics.
  • LinkedIn matched audience is another powerful feature one should exploit to differentiate between cold, warm and hot leads.
  • Where the customer is in your lead generation funnel and how they can be nudged further towards decision making is an art and can be achieved through sensible tools within LinkedIn advertising campaigns.
  • You can create matched audiences based on activity on your website pages, or upload lists of customer emails. List segmentation is key here.
  • With LinkedIn’s native video feature you can create videos within the in-app camera and upload it right to your timeline. Many times this helps create more credibility than any amount of ads you will run.


Basic steps how you can start  LinkedIn Ads :




All in all, LinkedIn today is the best forum for a Branding or Lead generation advertising campaign targeted to professionals, and with the new features, it looks set to reach a never before the peak.

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