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Marketing in today’s world ??

In their zest to prove themselves, it has become fashionable for marketers to gather together random tools of branding and start making them appear useful. 

I have noticed this especially in people who are just starting out on new assignments, old horses in new races. Strategic replaces the ad-hoc, in interests of speed. They adopt and discard measures at an alarming rate. Almost proving the adage ‘trial by error’ right!!
It is disappointing when only a person’s title refer to them as ‘marketers’ and not their ethos. 

Marketing a brand requires an attitude, a persona which you bring to the brand. The care you extend to the brand and the time you spend in imbibing the value you impart to your clients – is directly proportional to the efficacy of your campaigns. 

As in cooking, where you gather your ingredients, do mis-en-place with care, and add your magic touch, where it directly translates to the flavor in your food; so should you treat marketing. In today’s digital world, especially with all brouhaha about ‘social marketing’, there is all the more need to stop and think. Is it really for my brand? Why? Who will it help? Is it just a feather in my record? To show in my report to management? Is it bringing the company any benefit? Is it? 🙂

That is why Mom’s cookies always taste best, because she took the care to knead the dough, added the sugar, eggs and essence and beat it right, and put all her love in it, so she could give her child the best. 

Today’s 2-minute Maggi generation cannot fathom the patience one needs to be completely thorough, even in work, and therefore have to forego the taste of delicacies!!

My two cents here – It’s not just the 4 Ps you should be concerned about, in marketing, but the entire alphabet!!!

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