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Give PR the respect it deserves

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Someone has very rightly said, “Everything you do or say is public relations.”

The time when your son got home the silver trophy, and you told the neighbors, it was PR.

The time when your daughter came first in a contest, and you sent a WhatsApp to all your relatives, it was PR.

When you exchange Good Morning or Merry Christmas messages with all your acquaintances through bulk messaging, you are again doing PR.
Warren Buffet has gone on record saying that, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”  
PR is like insurance. You don’t realize its value till one day you urgently need it. By then if you have not invested in PR for your brand, disaster has already struck.
In earlier times, PR equated more with media relations, a task entrusted to the marketing person or agencies who could than reach out to newspapers and industry magazines and maintain sustained contact with them for mentions in their publications.
However, with the onset of the digital era, PR has shifted shape initially to include the online news publication domains, and after that, it embraced the social media platforms.
These changes essentially mean that now the audience for a PR professional has shifted from only journalists and editors to include the end- consumers, influencers, celebrities, potential clients, and even regulatory environment.
With such a broad mandate now synonymous with PR, we cannot afford to let rookies run our social media campaigns.
If a tweet could earlier brand you, it can now also scar you ruthlessly. If you think CEOs can do this job effortlessly then think again.
A case comes to mind of Elon Musk, a well-respected figure in the industry, who ended up tweeting and earning himself a SEC reprimand which resulted in a sharp fall in Tesla’s shares and harmed his standing with SEC.
Now Elon is no rookie, he is a brilliant person, but ‘PR’ and ‘diplomacy’ may not be his strong forte.
PR failures can be disastrous for companies. The whole world knows how Boeing has been suffering from the aftermath of 737 Max 8 jets. If you have not contained a PR disaster in the first 24 hours, you have not been able to dodge the bullet.
So do give PR the respect it deserves, moreover so in a hugely connected world of today.

Anju Thkral Makin heads a Gurugram-based niche consultancy firm, Alchemy Corporate Communications, specializing in marketing strategy and brand communication. You can contact her on LinkedIn .

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How ‘Some’ Publicity Can Waylay Your Branding Roadmap


Many firms, especially where CEOs are directly handling media and branding strategies, can easily get waylaid in achieving their branding objectives.

However, if you keep focusing on your limited PR activity as a way to achieve your branding goals, think again.

This usually happens in SMEs, where any publicity is regarded as good publicity, which is right to a point.

Let’s take the example of an IT software firm, supplying software and implementation to organizations across verticals.

Ideally this company, like any other, should be communicating with its target customers consistently, apprising them of different initiatives it is taking to improve THEIR performance.

This can be done in various forms and forums where your TG is present.

However, since they do not have any dedicated person or an agency doing this job, the CEO de facto ends up doing ad-hoc PR activity instead.

It becomes a passive scenario when all you are doing is receiving calls from media and answering them, rather than proactively reaching out to them.

This reactive PR turns into a trap when the channel media start awarding you and making you feel great, which is good, BUT channels are not your target audience, are they?

The companies are your target audience.

Moreover, if you limit your media activity to just the channel media, then probably you will be famous amongst channels, but this has minimal impact on your branding amongst your TG.

So think strategically about brand goals, and whether what you are doing is relevant to your strategies.
It is good to feel great about winning channel awards, but leverage and integrate them into your branding roadmap.

Do you have one?

Anju Thkral Makin heads a Gurugram-based niche consultancy firm, Alchemy Corporate Communications, specializing in marketing strategy and brand communication. You can contact her on LinkedIn .

#pr #mediarelations #socialmedia #ceo #digitalmarketing

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