Why do I need a website?

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and 47% of people click on one of the first three listings (SEJ, 2016)

The homepage of your website should close with client testimonials. These reviews will show that your past customers have had a positive experience.

Collecting Customer Information

A website opens up the opportunity to gather information about the customers and then cater to them based on your interactions about their preferences.

One can collect e-mails through the visits of the users to learn about the profile of the visitor.

Then, interact with this database through a regular newsletter or e-mail. Communicating with users will keep them in the loop about special offers and promotions.

The web today has become a way of life. Third party reviews on social media are becoming increasingly crucial for businesses of all sizes to gain relevance.

Creating the Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A website is the most critical foundation of your digital marketing strategy.

Can a social media account replicate a website?

The  answer is NO.While it is essential to generate awareness about your business through Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, social media alone is not enough.
Alternatively, create a social media profile and create a link for it on your website. You can show social media profiles through icons.

Doing so shall create two opportunities:

Customers find your products online and buy them at an instant.

Customers also search for your products online and then visit your website to make a purchase.

Running a successful business is all about having an effective website and using efficient digital marketing techniques to reach your target audience, and converting them into customers.