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Volatile Business Environment

The global business environment today, and always has been, volatile.
Here are a few things that hopefully will not but can happen…. 

  1. Your USP can be copied once you are successful
  • You shift your USP and soon find yourself right in the middle of a cluttered segment
  • The differentiated customer experience that you offer is expensive and is overtaken by your peers
  • A new, better, faster variant of your product or service comes up
  • You have only one big egg (client) in your basket
  • Backward / Forward Integration by your ecosystem
  • Change in technology platforms that may seriously threaten your position
  • Regulatory/ Financial/ Environmental volatility
  • Your core raw ingredient gets scarce / too expensive/ unviable
  • Your delivery methods/ packaging are no longer relevant
  • You are no longer ‘cool’ to your TG!

Complacency can be disastrous. So keep your branding efforts always ongoing, in step with times, and keep communicating consistently.
This is how you build relationships.
This is how you build brands.

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