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What Drives You? Really?

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If you ask any professional today as to what drives him/ her, you will get rhetorical answers like – money, fame, luxury, satisfaction, growth, etc.
However ask yourself this – when you are sending an e-mail or speaking in a meeting or making a campaign or picking a phone to call – which one of the above drivers is working in that instant?
Are you thinking about Money, Fame or Growth at that moment?
Are you thinking >
I hope this campaign is successful otherwise….I hope my boss can appreciate when he hears me speak at this meeting……I wish I get sole credit for the slogging I am doing on this project….I hope my seniors buy the numbers I am projecting in my presentation/ report/ accounts statement….What if Investors are not crazy about my idea? What if my Idea is not as good as I think? What if…..
–        Do you hear the palpable ‘Fear’ beneath the above statements?
There are only two drivers in life essentially, which drive your actions in each moment >
FEAR                     or                          PASSION
If your Operating System (OS) is functioning on ‘Fear’, then every action that you undertake professionally (or even personally) will be driven by insecurity.
This will further spiral you into negativities like controlling information flows, wresting credit from your team, backbiting, whining, blame games, arrogance, projecting yourself into a victim, etc.
If you were to, however, consciously shift your OS into ‘Passion’ mode, you would be driven by the conviction of your vision rather than fear of failure and other insecurities. No matter whether you are making strategies, numbers, presentations, campaigns or getting up on the stage to deliver a speech.
Passion will instantly make you feel more secure, confident and assured of every step you take in your professional life. You will be a team player, and a natural leader for everyone to look up to. 
You will play an inclusive game rather than an exclusive one.
You will not be fearful of failure or making mistakes. You will just pick yourself up, dust off and get into the game again. The ground that we fall on, is the one that helps us get back up again, probably a Tagore quote, rings true here.
Ramifications of shifting your Operating System from ‘Fear’ to ‘Passion’ can be enormous.
However, the calibration has to be done manually every time you feel yourself slipping into fear, till you get into an ‘auto’ mode.

So, what drives you today?

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