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What is your Brand Essence?

Brands come and go. Some stay.

What is behind their staying power?

An ounce of trust, lots of goodwill and an unshakeable faith in the brand.
How do you develop so many positives in your brand that your consumers can move from tentative goodwill to unshakable faith and trust?

  • One – Transparency and honesty in your communication.
  • Two – Constant Communication.

Never stop communicating once a sale has been made. That is rude. One of the basics of brand communication is that you keep up the relationship by constant communication.

How would you do that?
The most important thing, the meat on the bone, in all your communication – is the content. What are you going to say so that the customers feel good about their decision and come back to you for much more?
Design plays a critical aspect in conveying your words.
What you say and visually depict is way more important than how you are going to reach out
The tools abound, it could be a thoughtfully done email or a personal letter or a blog from your CEO or even a whitepaper sent gratis. Make them feel they have made the right choice by sharing other customers’ case studies.

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