Why You Should Never Piggyback on Someone Else for Your Branding

In branding, as in everything else, it pays to have your own house in order first.Invest in your story, your brand, your logo, your identity.Once it has reached a consistent traction, it should be augmented with reaching the market via various tools/ vehicles.Never for a moment think that if you tie up with a reputed brand, your branding will take care of itself. This sets you up on a collision course.A reputed brand has enough muscle to pull the plug on you when they fancy.And when they do that, your brand may not be able to take the knocks coming to you because you have not invested in it.Depending on another company’s brand to sail your boat leaves you at their mercy. Not a very happy place to be in!So do tie-ups, invest in alliances, but never make the mistake of leaving your company’s brand in anyone else’s hands except yours.

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