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Your Defining Statement

Always make sure that you understand and carry through the intent of your brand’s tagline. Do not harp on the literal meaning in your communication. Go further and integrate the intent behind the words. 

If your brand’s tagline says “Driven to Thrill” then use situations and visuals which convey the intent behind this tagline. Use visuals where driving is leading to a thrill in your customer’s lives. This is, of course, common sense.

It is more difficult in cases where the theme is abstract e.g. “There is no substitute” or “The relentless pursuit of perfection” etc. In such cases, do ensure that you are using visuals that depict that you are unique (in the first case)  OR that perfection is your single word motto and you pay attention to minute details to achieve it (in the second case).

If your tagline says, “Forever Evolving” then the intent is that you are changing paradigms and creating benchmarks. In this case use visuals that depict that you are constantly innovating and revolutionizing your industry parameters. That would be more effective that just writing the tagline and being content with it !

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